Came back to this painting of Ilya I started months ago…still in-prog.

Every time Cole releases a track I just wanna sketch Mara (her character was mostly written with that voice in mah ears).

I combined Menagerie’s style with Shee’s and like the effect a lot.

Pooping out more color studies after that monochromatic day set such a haunting tone…

Here are the rest that I’m publicly posting from today. I have a few false starts on my hard drive where I tried to do completely different colors, but I don’t think I was in a mood for them.

I regret how blue all of these are…but it was nice to paint like myself again today.

I miss this place…wish I could wrap myself in a blanket of snow and never leave.

I’ve had this conversation so many times…

last two. done with this.

Still experimenting. Came up with an alternate mechanic idea that I’m not sold on yet and a logo/name of sorts. Achievement points if you know what it is.


why am i still doing this? WHY?!